8868 Oberurnen / Switzerland

Oberurnen (GL) in Switzerland has been the domicile of our company since 1960. Here we continuously improve our products and installations and adapt them to the customers requirements.

Besides design, development and project management, Oberurnen hosts our administration and sales.

Correspondent Bank

UBS Switzerland AG, CH-8750 Glarus


IBAN - EURO CH77 0028 4284 HZ10 0455 1
IBAN - CHF CH93 0028 4284 K416 0440 0
IBAN - US$ CH55 0028 4284 K416 0440 5

Production Facilities

8872 Weesen / Switzerland

Our installations are partly produced on our workshop in Weesen (SG). The workshop is equipped for autonomous manufacturing of all core components. This allow us, together with the large storehouse, to realize customized installations within short period of time and to ensure efficient after sales services.

The workshop is also the hub for all resources for our technicians and service engineers. Our lecture rooms and test facilities allow theoretical and practical training for operators and technicians who take care of our installations.


Isolation and Refractory



Assembly at site

Assembly by remote-control and at site